Morality in group decision support systems in medicine

By MacHado, J.; Miranda, M.; Pontes, G.; Abelha, A.; Neves, J.

Studies in Computational Intelligence



In this paper it is addressed the problem of morality and behavior when using multi-agent systems in Group Decision Support Systems in Medicine, where the universe of discourse is modeled in terms of an extension to the language of Logic Programming, in terms of Multi-Valued Extended Logic Programs or The- ories. It is also presented a formal model to evaluate moral decisions and moral behavior in terms of a process of quantification of the morally preferable relation, based on a process of quantification of the Quality-of-Information that stems from a multi-valued extended logic program. On the other hand, it was also presented a process of integration of an extension of a logic program into the framework of the relational data model, therefore taking advantage of the power of relational algebra for problem solving purposes, i.e to set the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


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