Archetype-based semantic interoperability in healthcare

By Marques, A.; Correia, A.; Cerqueira, L.; Machado, J.; Neves, J.

ICAART 2010 - 2nd International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, Proceedings



Advances in new Methodologies for Problem Solving and Information Technology enable a fundamental redesign of health care processes based on the use and integration of data and/or knowledge at all levels, in a healthcare environment. Indeed, new communication technologies may support a transition from institution centric to patient-centric based applications, i.e., the health care system is faced with a series of challenges, namely those concerning quality-of-information and the cost-effectiveness of such processes. The distribution of cost-effective health care allowing the patient to take active part in the caring process, provision of evidence- based care on all levels in the system and effective use and reuse of information are key issues for the health care organization. The information and communication technology infrastructure should therefore reflect the view of the health care system as a seamless system where information can flow across organizational and professional borders. Therefore, in this work it will be address key principles that must be at the center of patient-centered technologies for disease management and prevention, namely those referred to above.


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