A new implantable wireless microsystem to induce mictrition in spinal injury patients

By Carmo, J.P.; Silva, M.F.; Ribeiro, J.F.; Mendes, P.M.; Correia, J.H&am

Proceedings of the Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference - MELECON



This paper presents a new wireless microsystem for for use in urology. This microsystem is composed by two parts: the electrostimulation and the radio-frequency (RF) subsystems. The electrostimulation part is a silicon box with groves to pass the nerves to be stimulated. Above the stimulation box is putted a cover containing electrodes to do the electrical contacts with the nerves. Using wafer-level packaging (WLP) techniques the RF and the electrostimulation parts are joined together. This implantable microsystem allows the reception of RF signals with user commands to activate the micturition function and the penian erection (on males) patients. The microsystem has an expected area of 5×5 mm2.


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