Comparisons between synchronizing circuits to control algorithms for single-phase active converters

By Carneiro, H.; Monteiro, L.F.C.; Afonso, J.L.

IECON Proceedings (Industrial Electronics Conference)



This paper presents a comparative analysis between synchronizing circuits applied to control algorithms for single-phase active converters. One of these synchronizing circuits corresponds to the single-phase PLL (Phase Locked Loop), implemented in α-β coordinates, whereas the other one corresponds to the E-PLL (Enhanced PLL). These synchronizing circuits are compared in several aspects as processing and settling time and memory space requirements. Moreover, the performance of a single-phase back-to-back converter is also presented, with its control algorithm based on these Synchronizing Circuits. Each one of the control algorithms were implemented in a DSP microprocessor TMS320F2812F from Texas Instruments. Simulation and experimental results, through a back-to-back converter prototype, are presented.



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