Providing cost-effective QoS monitoring in multiservice networks

By Carvalho, P.; Lima, S.R.; Ferreira, A.; Freitas, E.; Leit\~ao, F.

2009 Next Generation Internet Networks, NGI 2009



In multiservice networks, QoS monitoring needs to be carried out in a per-class basis so that each service class measuring requirements and behavior are met and sensed properly. Facing the shortage of off-the-shelf class-based monitoring solutions, this work is focused on the development of a flexibly QoS monitoring tool oriented to multiservice networks. In this context, after discussing main QoS monitoring issues, we propose a flexible QoS monitoring Java application, totally user parameterized and supporting service differentiation. Benefiting from an edge-to-edge design perspective, this service-oriented tool is able to make a periodic evaluation of relevant QoS metrics for each service class, on an intra-domain or end-to-end path basis. Monitoring results, stored in a MySQL database, are useful to drive both online and offline traffic engineering and service management tasks.


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