Information architecture for intelligent decision support in intensive medicine

By Santos, M.F.a; Portela, F.a; Vilas-Boas, M.a; Machado, J.b; Abelha, A.b; Neves, J&am

WSEAS Transactions on Computers



Daily, a great amount of data that is gathered in intensive care units, which makes intensive medicine a very attractive field for applying knowledge discovery in databases. Previously unknown knowledge can be extracted from that data in order to create prediction and decision models. The challenge is to perform those tasks in real-time, in order to assist the doctors in the decision making process. Furthermore, the models should be continuously assessed and optimized, if necessary, to maintain a certain accuracy. In this paper we propose an information architecture to support an adjustment to the INTCare system, an intelligent decision support system for intensive medicine. We focus on the automatization of data acquisition avoiding human intervention, describing its steps and some requirements.


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