Analysis and development of a localization system based on Radio Frequency

By Ferreira, D.M.; Ribeiro, A.F.; Carmo, J.P.; Rocha, J.G.

IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics



This paper presents an analysis on several strategies for location based on Radio-Frequency. The purpose of this study is to develop an infrastructure able to determine the position of a target within an area of 0.1 acres (aprox.11000 ft2 or 1000 m2) with an acceptable precision for the specific task. Along with the analysis of the many strategies and approaches on Radio- Location, this study tries to determine the best solution to implement a working system of location in an easy, secure and less expensive way, a solution able to be used in football field, without the use of large and/or expensive infrastructures like the Global Position System (G.P.S.) network.



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