Automated information systems generation for process-oriented organizations

By Duarte, F.J.; Machado, R.J.; Fernandes, J.M.

QUATIC 2007 - 6th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology



Currently, the development of organizational information systems remains a complex task. Final software product quality often does not match expectations. The existence of organizational models is the first step to reduce complexity in the development of information systems. Within the life cycle of an information system, activities are still very dependent in quality, time, and costs on the human resource skills that staff them. The existence of automated mechanisms to transform client requirements into characteristics of running systems would bring added value to the resulting software product, either in product quality and time perspectives. In this proposal, the manipulation of requirements must be done using an understandable model for both software engineers and business process experts. This model should be used to automatically reshape the running organizational information system and be the basis for an automated information system generation. The usage of such mechanism can be done during a development project, but also after its implementation where standalone process experts could change the organization model, knowing that the changes, in an automated mode, would be transferred into the running system.


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