The AESI doctoral program follows the Bologna system and is organized in 4 years to accomplish a two-step advanced training program (curricular year and research period): link to the AESI syllabus.

First year

The first curricular year (called “Doctoral Course in Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry”) refers to a probationary period, which includes a curricular section of 60 ECTS credits, comprising 12 5-ECTS courses that are distributed according to the following typology: 6 technical and scientific courses (TS), 3 industrial management and innovation courses (IMI), and 3 interpersonal skills courses (IS).

Each curricular unit has 140 working hours, 45 contact hours, and 5 ECTS.
Technical and scientific courses give the students the scientific background to allow as in-depth understanding of the technical industrial problem that are adopted as research motivation to embrace the theme of the thesis.
Industrial management and innovation courses give the students a transverse and interdisciplinary perspective to provide a holistic understanding of the organizational dimension of the technical industrial problem adopted as research motivation to embrace the theme of the thesis. These courses will mainly run in Bosch-BrgP facilities (city of Braga) to allow students a smooth integration with the Bosch-BrgP industrial environment. Senior managers from Bosch-BrgP will lecture some workshops in each course to expose AESI students to the strategic and real thinking of managers of industrial multinational companies.
Interpersonal skills courses allow students to acquire specific competences that are very relevant to allow them to act as proficient world citizens, both in the academia and industrial settings: communication, presentation, discussion, writing and speaking skills, and general social and scientific culture.

Second, third and forth years

Only after completing the doctoral degree course, students may request admission to the preparation of the thesis.
The second step of the study cycle, of 180 ECTS, corresponds to a 3-year during which an original thesis shall be elaborated. The second year is fully devoted to elaborate the thesis proposal. After its approval in the end of the second year by the thesis committee, the remaining two years are exclusively devoted to undertaking research work that will culminate in the writing of the thesis.